Sell Your House Quickly – Report from Dayton House Buyer

Sell your house quickly, a free report from Dayton House Buyer

Sell Your House:   On The Date Of Your Choice — For A Fair Price — And Without Doing Any Repairs.

Dear Property Owner:

You can sell your house quickly and simply. Selling your property doesn’t need to be a stressful and expensive chore. Especially when houses in the area are NOT selling quickly.

This Special Report will inform you how to sell your property quickly, without the usual hassles, and without paying big fees to get it done.

Obviously we can’t guarantee that we can or will buy your property, but we can tell you we are always out there, looking for and buying properties just like yours from other folks in situations just like yours right in this area.

Who We Are:
We are house BUYERS, not Real Estate agents. We do not list your property and hope to find a buyer. We ARE the buyer, and we will work hard, with you, to create a custom solution, so you can sell your house in a matter of days. We move quickly and rarely require inspections that slow the process down and we will not nickel and dime you over repairs your property may need. We buy properties in all conditions. You don’t need to do ANY repairs.

You don’t have to wait for us to get bank approval. We also don’t rely on bank financing to buy houses. When you deal with us, the process is smooth and swift. Normally, the buyer goes to the bank to finance the transaction, and you both endure the paperwork nightmare. Delays are common, and there’s the real possibility your time will be wasted when the buyer doesn’t qualify.

As direct buyers, not agents, we don’t get paid a commission. We expect to make a reasonable profit on the deal. We’re sure you understand.

So far so good?

People who have never tried to sell their house on their own can be surprised, if not overwhelmed, by all the paperwork involved. Inspections, problems, and other delays are common. Plus, if your buyer backs out of the deal or is unable to qualify for the loan or just ends up wasting your time, it can be devastating, both emotionally and financially.

When you deal with us, we handle all the paperwork and skip over the usual inspections and snags so we can close at a mutually agreeable time. Plus, we have our funding lined up and ready to go now, before we even discuss your house. We are professionals and know how to navigate the transaction process with the least amount of hassle and the least amount of time wasted.

We’re flexible in many ways too. For example, if you would like to close quickly, as in a few days, we can usually accommodate that. If you just want the piece of mind knowing you’re house is “sold,” but you want or need to close in a couple of months or more, we can accommodate there too. So it’s up to you. We will close on the date of YOUR choice.

Who we aren’t:
We aren’t Real Estate Agents, so (as long as your house is not listed with an agent) you will not pay a commission when you sell to us.

We are not end user/owner occupant buyers. You don’t need to wait for us to get bank approval to buy your house. You won’t get hassled over minor problems. And… you don’t have to wait for a long process filled with inspections, appraisals, surveys, loan approvals, etc.

You don’t need to make any repairs to the house, we buy as is. In fact, you don’t even need to remove all your belongings (inheritance?). If you can’t or don’t want remove it, no problem, we’ll handle it. So you can remove everything as you go, or you can literally stand up and walk out without taking a thing. Either way, or anything in between, is OK with us.

So what next?

From here, it’s up to you. Obviously we need to hear from you to see how we can help. Filling out the form on the web page where you found this report is the best place to start. With the information you provide we can begin to buy your house.

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Every situation, including yours, is unique so there’s no one generic cookie cutter solution. That’s the reason for the specific questions about the house and the mortgage information. Please understand we need to know your mortgage balance and if your payment is current in order to do a meaningful evaluation. And please understand that everything between us will be kept in the very strictest of confidence.

So, if you will make the effort to contact us and let us know the details about your house, we will be more than happy to tell you if we can help and how. In fact, if we are able to buy your house, we will likely provide you with one or more solutions (offers) within 72 hours. Please provide all your contact info in the web form, so that we can contact you without delay.

Remember… we specialize in buying homes. We are highly motivated, professional real estate investors and depending on your situation, we may be able to structure more than one option for you to choose from, and let you decide which will best suit your needs.

We can immediately take over your monthly payment and in some cases make up back payments (if any). We can take care of any repairs or maintenance, regardless of how minor or how serious. We can stop foreclosure and even pay all cash for your house. Plus, you’ll have the comfort of knowing we can close on the date of your choice.

No matter what your reason or motivation, we care about your situation and will take the time to help you in any way we can.

There’s only one way to find out if we can help you and that’s to contact us. Don’t put it off any longer… contact us today!

Thank you for requesting this information. We look forward to working with you.

Darrin Carey
Dayton House Buyers
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